Undergraduate Program

📌Founding Goals    

The School of Chinese Medicine aims to nurture proficient professionals by developing an enriched heritage of traditional Chinese medicine while placing emphasis on the integration of Chinese and Western medicine to formulate a new system of medical practice.

📌Goal of Education

Accordingly, the goal of education is to give students the specialized knowledge and skill in Chinese and western medicine, as well as rounded education for humanity development.

📌Course Description

School of Chinese Medicine has 2 programs:

  • Program A: Two-Licensed System (7 years)  
    obtain Bachelors degree upon graduation; eligible for both Chinese and Western medical doctor license examination
  • Program B: Single-Licensed System (7 years)  
    obtain Bachelors degree upon graduation; eligible for Chinese medical doctor license examination only Courses in Chinese and Western medicine are taught in tandem.


    Division (A):104Academic Year  105Academic Year 106Academic Year 107Academic Year

                            108Academic Year  109Academic Year 110Academic Year 111Academic Year

                   112Academic Year

    Division (B):104Academic Year  105Academic Year 106Academic Year 107Academic Year

                            108Academic Year  109Academic Year   110Academic Year 111Academic Year

                        112Academic Year

📌Education Characteristics

  1. Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
  2. Clinical Skill
  3. Evidence-Based Medicine
  4. Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX), Objective Structure Clinical Examination (OSCE)