Chinese Medical University (CMU) is a medical university which was initiated as a Chinese Medicine college in 1958, aiming to integrate western and Chinese medicine for human-being health good. CMU has the world's largest database of Chinese medicine, and the strongest teams of Chinese medicine research and development experts and the most complete lineup of traditional Chinese medicine clinicians in Taiwan.

The School of Chinese Medicine was established in 1966. To further advance the research of Chinese medicine to the next level of excellence, the Master program and Doctoral program of the Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine was launched in 1976 and 1988, respectively. 

The goal of our institute is to integrate modern medical science and technology with Chinese medicine and to conduct research and development in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. The research work of our Institute can mainly be divided into: (1) Chinese medical history and literature group (Master and Doctoral programs); (2) Clinical Chinese medicine group (Master and Doctoral programs); (3) Molecular medicine group (Master and Doctoral programs); (4) Chinese medical engineering group (Master and Doctoral programs), and (5) Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine group (Master program only). 

Students from different disciplines such as Chinese medicine, western medicine, dentistry, anthropology, history, literature, life science and veterinary medicine attend this program, which makes the seminar discussion in the program comprised of diverse viewpoints but has a main focus on Chinese medicine. Ultimately, the research work will attain the final goal of promoting Traditional Chinese medicine and the integration of Chinese and western medicine.