Fulbright Taiwan『CMU Mandarin-Taught Master's Degree Program Award in Chinese Medicine』

CMU Mandarin-Taught Master’s Degree Program Award in Chinese Medicine

Program Introduction

The partner universities offer the opportunities for U.S. students to apply for scholarships that will enable them to continue full-time studies in Taiwan beyond the Fulbright award. The award is initially granted for 12 months, and renewal for a second and third year are dependent upon the grantee’s academic success. The award provides recipients with full tuition support and student dormitory at the co-sponsored universities. The program is taught in Chinese. The program combines one year of intensive studies of the Chinese language with a two-year master’s degree program. The award must begin no earlier than September 1, 2024 and end no later than August 31, 2025.

Program Profile

China Medical University Award in Chinese Medicine

This award is available to pursue a full-time Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine at China Medical University (CMU). The program is taught primarily in Mandarin.

China Medical University (CMU), established in 1958, has cultivated more than 10,000 Chinese medicine and pharmacy professionals in the past 60 years. It has the world’s largest database of Chinese medicine, the strongest teams of Chinese medicine research and development experts, and the most complete lineup of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinicians in Taiwan. Scholarly publications in the field of TCM are ranked first in Taiwan and are among the top research centers in the world in quality, quantity and citations. “China Medical University is the university where traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine sit side by side” (Times Higher Education World University Ranking). Guest researchers from University College London (UK), Leiden University (Netherlands), Appalachian State University (US) provide an excellent learning environment not only for domestic students but also for international students.

The Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine bridges traditional medicine with Western medical research. Students are offered insights into the values, distinguishing features, and historical impacts of TCM in many areas of medical research, while at the same time promote cultural exchange between Taiwan and the United States. All students in the Master program of Chinese Medicine has to select one group from the five: (1) Chinese medical history and literature group; (2) Clinical Chinese medicine group (statistical research only); (3) Molecular medicine group; (4) Chinese medical engineering group; and (5) Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine group.

Fulbright students are expected to serve as Teaching Assistants in medicine-related English-taught courses while studying for their degree, for improving their Chinese proficiency through interaction with their Taiwan classmates. TA duties will be limited to no more than 4 hours per week. In addition, students will have opportunities for clinical observation (clerkships) in Chinese medicine for one month.

Please note that no patient contact is allowed when conducting research or clerkships.

Welcome to CMU’s Chinese Medicine Program through YouTube Video for more information.

The award is co-sponsored by China Medical University. The program will take 3 years to earn a master’s degree. International students spend their first year in studying Chinese in order to improve their Chinese language and study skills to the level needed for the program study. After completing a Chinese language program, international students will continue their studies toward their master’s degree. CMU offers full tuition waivers and student dormitory as long as the candidate maintains satisfactory academic standards.


  1. Total Monthly Payment: NT$25,000
    Base Stipend: NT$18,000
    Living Allowance: NT$7,000
  2. Settling-in & Baggage Allowance (A one-time-only allowance): NT$36,000
  3. Tuition Waiver (provided by the University: tuition waiver for the number of credits required for graduation are granted to graduate students.)
  4. Student Dormitory (provided by the university)
  5. Round-trip Air Ticket
  6. National Health Insurance
  7. Dependent financial support is NOT available

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are eligible who:

  1. Must be U.S. citizens. Permanent resident status is not sufficient.
  2. Hold a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree. 
  3. Have strong academic credentials in an academic field of specialization.
  4. Meet the Grant Conditions and Provisions
  5. Candidates must have received a Bachelor’s degree prior to enrollment and intend to pursue a three-year Master’s degree. Strong academic credentials in their area of specialization are expected. A good capacity for studying and living in a cross-cultural setting is necessary. Grantees cannot be accompanied by dependents.

Foreign Language Proficiency

Required – Intermediate

The applicant’s Chinese proficiency of CEFR B1 or its equivalent is required. Advanced Mandarin study in Taiwan in the first year is required. CEFR B2 is expected at the beginning of the second year.


Graduate Degree Enrollment

Letter of acceptance required prior to grant start No letter of affiliation is required upon application. Candidates must be accepted by both the Fulbright commission in Taiwan and the university program.

Applicants must also be accepted by the university

A separate application to the university is required. Applicants not only have to apply to the Fulbright award, but also MUST be accepted by the university. PLEASE look up and respect the program application deadline at the university.

Once a Fulbright finalist gains admission to a master’s degree program, a copy of the admission letter must be provided to the commission.


Apply online no later than October 10, 2023. For more application information, please see the IIE website for details which provides general information about awards for Taiwan, as well as application instructions.


Fulbright Taiwan website:https://www.fulbright.org.tw/awards-for-us-citizens/cmu-mandarin-taught-master-degree-program-award-in-chinese-medicine/