Advancing Achievement

  1. Personal TCM Research Chinese Medicine Biotechnology and Botanic New Drug Research
  2. To identify new diabetes susceptibility loci that were associated with increased risk of T2D in a Han Chinese population.
  3. Co-transplantation of umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells.
  4.  To identify the susceptibility genetic markers underlying the drug induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS). We are currently performing a prospective study to evaluate if genotyping before prescribing of carbamazepine could lower the prevalence rate of carbamazepine induced SJS in Taiwan.
  5. To create a unique radical surgery of uterine by Gynecological Endoscopic.
  6. Motion preservation spine surgery .
  7. Minimal invasive spine surgery.
  8. Endoscopic spine surgery .
  9. Epigenetic modification on human genome by traditional Chinese medicine.
  10. Unique surgery of Minimal Invasive Endoscopy .
  11. To build the digital data base for medical manuscripts of traditional Chinese medicine