Areas of Excellence

  1. Chinese Medical Literature Research
  2. To establish and characterize two ENU mouse models and to use them for protein/enzyme therapy development in human mitochondrial diseases.
  3. Pharmacogenetic study of warfarin dosage response and adverse drug reaction. To have identified a genetic variant (VKORC1) that determines the inter-individual and inter-ethnic difference
  4. Mechanism of Chinese herbal medicine inhibit human oral cancer cell in vitro or in vivo.
  5. Advanced Topics on Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Chinese Medicine.
  6. Yuch’i Medicine in Nei-Ching(Chronomedicine).
  7. Integrated Medicine of anti-cancer research.
  8. Chinese Medical Research for Therapeutic Mechanism of Depression.
  9. EBM of Chinese Medical Physiology
  10. The study of related pathway of distal metastasis and local recurrence in human malignant
  11. Basic and clinical studies in neurological and musculoskeletal diseases
  12. Smart biomedical materials, nanomedicine for Chinese medicine, drug controlled release,Genetics study in myopia
  13. The research focuses on discovery of disease-related target genes and functional analyses to verify their roles in pathogenesis. Especially, diseases frequently found in Asian population will be first priority to explore.
  14. With the development of genome-wide technologies, such as digital karyotyping map, SNP arrays, SAGE libraries, micro-RNA profiling, epigenetic analyses, and protein structure/function predictions, to identify disease-driving genes (or biomarkers) that involve in the pathogenesis pathway in a robust format from DNA to the protein levels. These novel technologies speed up the process of new target discovery and new drug development.
  15. Sport medicine using TCM
  16. Taichi, Qigong
  17. Functional MRI in Acupuncture
  18. Basic and clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine in allergic asthma.
  19. Evaluate the effects of traditional Chinese herbs on Cardiovascular system
  20. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, Mesenchymal stem cells and Thalassemia
  21. Hematologic diseases and pediatric oncology
  22. Myofascial pain syndrome and trigger points injection
  23. The researchs focus on (1) genetics of infectious and immunological diseases including HIV/AIDS, HBV vaccination effect, Kawasaki disease, and SLE, and (2) discovery of the anti-Enterovirus 71 Mechanism using Chinese herbal Medicine.
  24. Built up the platform of anti-microbial agents from Chinese medicine
  25. Baculovirus-mediated insect cell protein expression
  26. The study of the active compound from traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood flow and eliminating blood stasis
  27. Evaluation of the potential Chinese herb medicine in anti-diabetes or regulate glucose metabolism, and involvement of pharmacological mechanisms
  28. 28.Evaluation of toxicological effects in Chinese Herb Medicine
  29. Studies on molecular mechanism of environmental pollutants-induced diabetes
  30. Non-insulin dependent hypoglycemic effect by cholinergic nerve activation of electroacupuncture in streptozotocine-induced diabetic rats
  31. Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Pediatrics
  32. The efficacies and safeties of Chinese herb for the treatment of Atopic dermatitis patient or Psoriasis patient or Melarma patient.
  33. Studies of anti-enterovirus infection using traditional Chinese  medicine
  34. Studies of anti-HIV-1 latency using traditional Chinese medicine
  35. Pharmacology and molecular mechanism of TCM in bacterial pathogenesis for drug discovery on multiple drug resistance bacteria
  36. Study in revelation of the anti-inflammatory action of traditional medicine could   lead to novel candidate for therapeutics.
  37. New biopharmarcetic product development
  38. Develop hydrophilic TCMs for new applications.